Thursday, January 14, 2010

a newer post than the last

these are characters from my mind.

this one is the boy jupe from the midnight ship music video.

this is Krista, she's tellin' ya what's what, comfortably conversing, losing her temper and pitying herself.

this is Girly Jo. for those of you on black and white computers, her hair is brown, her shirt is green, her pants are pink and her shoes are orange.
This is C.C., C.C. stands for cup cake. he's an easy bake people.
and this is Business Charlie. look at him go! "no time to put on my coat, then run. i need to do both at the same time!" "what do you mean the presentation isn't done yet the meeting starts in 5 minutes!!!" "if we don't get this to Mr. Daniels by five we're all going to have to come in on sunday." "dress for the job you want."

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